Change Your Spark Plug

Let do some simple DIY to change your car spark plug. For this discussion i’ll be changing the spark plug for my Satria 1.3 built in 1997.

Things needed:-

1. New Spark Plug  .Spark Plug

First of all what you need to do is buy 4 unit of spark plug. I bought it here in Perlis for just RM 12.00 Bosch brand. It is crucial for you to get the right spark plug. Just ask your ever helpful auto parts shop they will be more than happy to help.

2. Spark Plug spanner.

You can get it at the auto part shop. I bought it for RM 5

3. About 20 minutes of your time.


Always Read the instruction on the spark plug information before changing a new spark plug. Locate the position of your spark plug. Just follow the wires from your distributor exactly down to the old plug.

Carefully pull the connecting wires. Make sure your engine is turned off otherwise you’re in for a shock. Use the spark plug spanner and carefully turning counter clockwise in order to loosen the old plug. Throw it away and replace the new plug and tighten it by turning clockwise.

Make sure you tighten it securely with 2ONM force. Make sure you inserted the plug in the right direction otherwise you won’t be able to tighten it.

Put the connecting wires back to it’s previous location. Please do not change it from the previous location, all the wires are programmed to perform firing based on a precise timing.

There you go you’ve done it all yourself. All it cost is just RM 17.00.

I claimed no responsibility for whatever mishap or problem you encounter. Information above is just a guide.


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